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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Moving on Moving Up

A momentous day.
This is the last post on

It's been fun, but I've now got a brother and we are going to be doing this blogging thing together from now on.

Please come and find the next chapter on the exciting journey that is ...


Thanks for the hits,
It's been doodly.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


At last.
I mean I know I was late on arrival but I thought this next little one would turn up more quickly.

I should have worked out something was up when Greg came to take me to school on Tuesday morning. And the fact that I didn't get to see my mummy very much.
And then, I went off to Eva and Greg's for the afternoon and came back and, whadya know, I'm a brother.
My mummy is looking a little on the tired side, it has to be said, but very lovely.

And my brother - how cute is that!
I can't believe I was ever that young.
And he doesn't really talk or play. That's going to have to take some work.
But I'll take him under my trusty wing and he'll do just fine.
I'm sure.

And his name is Harry Lior Gordon

Nuver Photo of Dad and I

This is in Hampstead Heath. It's Sunday.
We are still waiting for the arrival of my brother - in mummy's tummy!

And riding wooden animals.

We've all been to the Zoo today

We are getting decent mileage out of our Zoo membership these days.
Particularly the children's Zoo.
I mean there are gorillas and lemurs and we do like the otters, but you don't get to stroke or cuddle any of the really interesting animals.
Bring on the billy goats.

The other piccie is of me on the monkey gym where there is a huge place for yellow spider monkeys to play.
Not that you would know. They don't really hang out much, but I get to play on the monkey gym which is groovy.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Carmi & the Super Nanny

This is Eva and I.
Eva doesn't really get a fair play on the blog.
I spend loads of time with her and she is great and we have a fabulous time and nairy a piccy to be found.

Thanks to Greg for helping us correct that,

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

In the Bath in Poole

This is a different version of being in the Bath in Bath (see blog passim)

We went to Poole with Sasha and Zohar and the very groovy Ella Bella,

And we played on the beach and we hugged and had a great time, and even had a bath together, lucky me.

Meanwhile our parents looked on smugly.
Oh and my very yummy mummy

Get me to School ... NOW!!!!

I'm a Mulberry Berry.
And I love it.
I have great teachers and great friends in Badgers and Squirrels and we get to do stories and music and gym and painting.
And tomorrow my Dad drops me off and PICKS ME UP TOO,
How lucky is that!

I love my Mummy

Not the very greatest photo of the greatest best looking person ever. But at least I look OK,

Hugs with my fabby mum,

Love it.

West Hampstead has Talent

George, whateverhisname is, eat your heart out.

This is Charlotte Jay and I doing our funky stuff in the garden one sunny afternoon. Rock and roll everybody. We did a storming version of Twinkle Twinkle and a funky jazz riff version of Mary Had a Little Lamb. We are now confidentally expecting a call for the Royal Variety.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

How is this Doodle Different From All Other Doodles

All other doodles eat mtzavh. This doodle puts it on his head.

All other doodles have proper grape juice. This doodle only gets the stuffed toy version

All other doodles get to say the manish tana, if they’ve been practicing. This doodle got packed off to bed before the Seder even started – rotten parents.

All other doodles like matzah with chocolate spread and – how bizarre is this – this doodle likes it too!

Summer time and the living is easy

How cool is this.
Or hot, actually, because I, obviously wouldn't be outside in just a biodegradable nappy and vest with a hosepipe if it wasn't warm.
But then, gevalt, the water - freezing.

So this is cool and hot and warm and freezing and a whole lot of fun.

My Dad and Me

We are at the Zoo!! Very exciting.
My Dad has even less hair than usual. Something to do the Omer.
And now my Mum is complaining that there aren’t enough photos of her on the blog. And she's got lots of hair.

My mum is looking great. There seems to be something agrowing in her tum, but I'm just going to keep ignoring that just in case it turns out to be a sibling or something really horrible like that.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ola Ogain

Mummy and Daddy whisked me back to Spain for the a few days.
Gosh that was fun.
Hanging out on the beach while it was snowing in England. SNOWING - it was Purim for goodness sake.
OK, it wasn't that hot. My mum is wearing a jumper, but it did have holes in it. And did I mention that it was snowing SNOWING in London at the time.

And I learnt how to play croquet. Actually it wasn't the first time that I played croquet. There was a time back in August, but then I just picked up all the balls and walked off with them. This was diffferent. Mallets. Roquets everything. Just the Pimms was missing.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Two Favourite Ladies

This is me with two of my favourite ladies in the world.
It was my birthday party, a groovy time was had by all.
More postings to come, but I couldn't resist posting these.
Incidentally, while I'm taking a quick peck from my Malka my mum is showing
worrying signs of starting to care more about some new
upstart-not-even-born-yet bump.
This is very worrying.
I'll have to sort out some tactics to ensure I retain my current dominant
market position in the grandson stakes. Hmmm.

Happy Birthday to Me - More

More, more, more.
I know my birthday already feels like a dim and distant memory, but it was
Actually I was a little poorly, you can see it in my eyes, but I had a good
time, most especially when the cakes came out. How cool is that. I thought
the whole thing was me, sadly my mummy and daddy had other plans - FHB or
something like that, still there was enough food for everyone, now why isn't
that a surprise?